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You Will Be Hacked

11 July 2018

It could have already happened and you just don’t know it. Either way, it will happen to you, no matter how big or small your organization is. Here are five ways the cyber war is being fought in Hawaii, and what’s being done to reduce the risk and recover more quickly after a breach.

The biggest vulnerability in cyber-security systems is not old computers or outdated software – it’s people like you and me, it’s our bosses and our colleagues. The most important way for Hawaii organizations to fight back is by coaching people, including the CEO, say experts in cybersecurity.

“One hundred percent of you are the objects of a targeted attack that will get into your networks,” says retired U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Brett Williams, former director of operations for U.S. Cyber Command and now a top executive at IronNet CyberSecurity, based in Fulton, Maryland.

“If you’re trying to solve cybersecurity, it’s not solvable,” he says. “You’re approaching it the wrong way. We’ll get better on defense; they’ll get better on offense. It’s not a problem we’ll solve anytime soon. It’s a people issue, not a technical issue.”

So while strengthening your organization’s cyber-security system, focus immediately on strengthening your organization’s culture and leadership principles, Williams says. That includes ensuring the CEO is a model user of the system, adheres to the rules, is extremely knowledgeable about the system’s operation and capabilities, and values the growth and support of cyber-savvy leaders. And all employees must know and adhere to the rules of the system – and be held accountable.

“It’s a risk-management issue. You can operate with a known and acceptable level of risk. As long as you allow humans to use it (and there are disgruntled humans), it’s a human problem.”

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